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Advisor (USA)

Traveling this beautiful world. Music over TV. Favorite hike - Doe Mountain, Sedona, AZ. Singing in the car with my girls. Baking sweets. Bare feet in the sand whenever possible.


Graphic Designer (Canada)

Playing soccer, watching Netflix, and video gaming, Also, I love building cool digital arts and graphics.


Tina Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer (USA)

Krav Maga and MMA are my go to for cardio workout. Always on the look out for new pairs of shoe or cute jewelry set in rose gold. I am a girly fashionista but also a car enthusiast with a love for the rumble of a good engine. Favorite fun car to drive is my Subaru WRX. When it’s time to get some rest and relaxation, catch me at the beach sipping my top shelf tequila or martini and getting my tan on.


Founder (USA)

God first, Family second, Business third. I love reading, Fishing, Sports, Sports Card Collector, I Love to Compete. Spending Time with Family


Advisor (Canada)

Family first, I like to enjoy my time meditating with crystals, love searching for the next vacation and always on the look out for the next designer bag!  And love to cook.


Chief Marketing Officer (India)

God is the supreme power
Respect everyone 
Believe in yourself
I am a crypto enthusiast who loves to play video games, acquire knowledge, take risks and never give up


Community Moderator (Africa)

God first, God last, I love crypto and I have dreams of having my own blockchain in nearest future, hardwork is the key to success.


Alex Josef
AMA Host (Greece)

When you believe and work towards your dreams then you will succeed in life whatever you wish for! I love callisthenics as my workout!

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